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5 Jun 2017

5 things parent should know about Summer Education

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Let children gain educational habits with leadership skills

School classes are right behind and Summer is the right time for children to keep on curiosity and knowledge track. Better in a slightly different way than school routine. Why not try something new, cutting-edge and practically useful that will contribute to school letter grade increase next Autumn?

These days Summer camps challenged by the huge problem: to keep children excited about leisure time and keep them learn and sharpen their knowledge and skills so they will not forget within 3 months everything they learned in 9 months of school.

These are some insights about the best way to foster children’s natural curiosity about science tracked.

First of all, introduce your child to Milestones concept that celebrates achievements and identifies constraints. It could be a dinner at home with the whole family or a private party tet-a-tet with an ice cream, depending on what is you child’s personality. School results should be celebrated and acknowledged. Your child should know, that you proud of whatever achieved. Try to find something that was done good, even if it is not related to grades. Maybe that was a good habit to be always on time to school, regular visits to your public library, or consistent help to minors during the lunch time. This celebration event is a good time to share in a pleasant way what knowledge and skills should be also enforced. Let your child make a promise to spend Summer in a way that knowledge gaps will be filled in.

The second step is to plan. Provide your child with one or two weeks of rest with a detailed plan what should this rest lead to. Most researchers say that it is beneficial to switch brain’s attention from final tests preparation to something relaxing. But you know what is beneficial for your child better: it should not last too long to live without useful knowledge. Maybe it is the right time to introduce kids to something engaging, hands-on and related to school knowledge but designed in a way most students in the world like it. Plan her or his leisure time and gain the agreement that some educational classes would be on the schedule according to earlier made promises.

The third step is to choose the Summer Camp. Give another chance to the subjects your child does not like or even afraid. Summer is the right time to review all school failures of your child. Even if student’s marks are good. As a parent, you should ask: what bothers my child the most? If you did it together during the Milestone event, then you have a moral authority to assign your child to the right Summer Camp program.

The fourth step is search. let your child try something new and related to the school routine. Caution: it should be in a different way than a school program. Children’s brain likes when it challenged by the different and exciting approach. Choose your Summer school program that has some keywords: digital skills, “zero failure” or “ill-structured” math problems, build and design robots, intuitive learning.

The fifth step is to think about the psychological comfort of your child during the Summer Camp time. Chose the Camp that enhances teamwork and develops leadership skills. Every knowledge anchors better if it is done in a team. As you know, the stronger the team, the higher the chance for your child to be consistent with educational habits.

The final step could be to repeat all that events for the Autumn afterschool program search and assignment. And this is way easier to accomplish: just follow your prominent afterschool program and gain school and career success of your child for the time being.

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